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      中文版EnglishWelcome ChangZhou QuanRui mechanical electrical technology Co.,Ltd !
      ChangZhou QuanRui mechanical & electrical technology Co.,Ltd.

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      廠門    The factory locates at the Industrial Park of Changzhou Hi-Tech Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. Being 2 km far from Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and 5 km from Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, it owns an area of 16000 square meters, a modern building workshop of 8000 square meter as well as advanced productive equipments and inspection facilities. The factory produces 500 thousand sets of gears annually far gearbox of automobile, agricultural transportation vehicles, engineering machineries, multi-cylinder and single-cylinder diesel engines etc, and is a fixed and supplementary factory for the 1st Automobile Group, Yangzhou Motive Power Co., Ltd. Anhui Quanjiao Diesel Engine General Factory, Anhui Feicai Group Company and so on. Our products are appraised as qualified after spot checks many times by national, provincial and municipal technical supervision bureaus. Our factory has a Grade AA Credit of Enterprise, and was appraised as Changzhou's Civilized Unit in 2000, passed the authentication of ISO9001-2000 International Quality System so as to ensure to provide customers more reliable and satisfactory products and excellent service.


      TEL: 86-0519-85115664FAX: 86-0519-85113688ADD: No. 15, No. two private road, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

      Gear Division
      Contact: Chong WeiFeng
      Mobile: 13921046811
      E-mail: zwf@czquanrui.com

      Heat Treatment Division

      Contact: Liu Wei

      Mobile: 18351222013
      E-mail: rcl@czquanrui.com
      Diesel Engine Division
      Contact: Xiao DongXu
      Mobile: 13801503509
      E-mail: xxd@czquanrui.com
      Foundry Division

      Contact: Xu Dong

      Mobile: 15106117892

      Environmental Protection Division
      Contact: Zi KangChen
      TEL: 0519-85116628

      E-mail: czk@czquanrui.com


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