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      中文版EnglishWelcome ChangZhou QuanRui mechanical electrical technology Co.,Ltd !
      ChangZhou QuanRui mechanical & electrical technology Co.,Ltd.

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      Precision measuring instruments to improve the quality of gear industry

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      TEL: 86-0519-85115664FAX: 86-0519-85113688ADD: No. 15, No. two private road, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

      Gear Division
      Contact: Chong WeiFeng
      Mobile: 13921046811
      E-mail: zwf@czquanrui.com

      Heat Treatment Division

      Contact: Liu Wei

      Mobile: 18351222013
      E-mail: rcl@czquanrui.com
      Diesel Engine Division
      Contact: Xiao DongXu
      Mobile: 13801503509
      E-mail: xxd@czquanrui.com
      Foundry Division

      Contact: Xu Dong

      Mobile: 15106117892

      Environmental Protection Division
      Contact: Zi KangChen
      TEL: 0519-85116628

      E-mail: czk@czquanrui.com


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